About Promundi

With Promundi, the TELOS community supported and managed Bitdorado offers a kind of "unconditional basic income". But we believe in helping people to help themselves and therefore prefer to call it "unconditional child benefit" ... which is also not true.
The idea is that with the help of Masternodes and LOW-Energy-Mining children in the third world a child benefit is financed, which corresponds to the local average wage. The action, which is not unconditional, is linked to the school attendance. Families are relieved and children get the time and freedom to experience education.

The Promundi community works with established organizations and donates only the money needed. The second offer of Promundi includes a raffle of an unconditional basic income whenever a sufficient sum of money has been donated.

I want to Support

We make Basic Monthly Income possible

Promundi as service founded by TELOS and relates projects collects donations to enable basic income and or to support people and already established organisations world wide. We want to promote technologies that enable people to achieve maximum self-determination and a livelihood.

Support Organisations

Support schools, pupils, students and other organisations around the world to help them achieve their goals. Your support will directly goes towards cause. You can suggest causes.

We fund incomes utilising AI and Altcoinmining and Masternodeservice based on TELOS coin. Partners are: